Talking Shop: Chloë Sevigny

The actress and designer tells us why her fashion preferences are all fancy

Rob Greig

What are your London haunts?
'I love Rellik [8 Golborne Rd, W10 5NW, pictured]. I'm kind of lazy now. I'm over going through all the hot, sticky places. Rellik is curated so well; the prices are good compared to other stores that offer that kind of clothing, and the girls are so nice. It's a pleasant place to shop, and I always try and get there. It's my favourite.'

Do you still have a big appetite for vintage?
'I do - there's something more gratifying to me about something that's a one-off. Or it'll be something I remember from a Comme des Garçons collection - something I always wanted to buy, but I couldn't afford it and now I can.'

What does London do best?
I like going to the fancy places in town - is that really bad ? I love places like Scotts [20 Mount St, W1K 2HE] and The Wolseley [160 Piccadilly, W1J 9EB].They have an old glamour you can't get in New York.'

Do you go to department stores?
'No, but I love Dover Street Market- it's where I always get my sunnies. They have the hugest, most expensive range there!'

Do you ever hit the high street?
'Not really. I'm so anti disposable clothes.'

You design your own label. Do you have retail experience?
'Ha! I used to very crudely make clothes for dolls. And I'd buy things from stores and reconstruct them into patchwork stuff. I was a shop girl at Liquid Sky, an old rave store in New York. I used to sew labels into shirts. But even now I wouldn't call myself a “designer” - I'm not like a musician, more like a DJ. I collect ideas I love.'

Where do you get style ideas?
'I steal the style of people in the park. I spy on them and take pictures… I've always loved the style on the streets - the way a girl might take one “nothing” thing, and turn it into something.'

Chloë Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony is in store at 35 King St, WC2E 8JG.