Talking Shop: Leith Clark

Leith Clark Leith Clark
Posted: Mon Oct 22 2012

Stylist and creator of Lula magazine Leith Clark reveals her spending habits

What is your favourite secret shopping destination in London?
'I like Idea Books, of Dover Street Market [17-18 Dover St].'

What do you spend all your cash on?
'I guess it mostly goes on champagne and taxis. I also have a Miu Miu problem… And I love Valentino too…'

Who do you consider really stylish?
'Marianne Faithfull, the Farrow sisters, the Shrimpton sisters - all circa '60s. I also love Mary from “Little House on the Prairie”.'

What do you think is the best shop in the world?
'I love; Soane (but I can't afford it! I'm desperate for the gold pineapple lamp!); Matches for clothes; Liberty is perfect for house things; Orla Kiely for a dress in a hurry... There's
never a shortage of 'perfect' there. I love the new New York store especially.'

If you had just £10, where would you spend it?
'Liberty or Ladurée.'

What is the worst thing about shopping in london?

Of all the places you've travelled, where has shopping been the best?
'I loved shopping in Singapore! Maybe because I had just been in Bali for three weeks not buying anything.'

Do you have a favourite vintage shop?
'Cabaret in Toronto.'

What is the piece of clothing that you have had the most wear out of?
'Charlotte Olympia cat shoes and winter coats by Charles Anastase. And Chanel bags.'

What do you scrimp on?
'My husband would say nothing!'

Leith Clark is the creator and editor of whimsical fashion bible Lula magazine, and styles Keira Knightley and Michelle Williams.