Talking Shop: Liberty London Girl

Posted: Mon Oct 22 2012

New York/London lifestyle blogger Liberty London Girl, aka Sasha Wilkins, reveals how she spends her dollars and pounds

What is your best London find?
'I love the privately owned Crescent Supermarket [Queen's Crescent, NW5]. it's really cheap, and sells EVERYTHING.'

Where do you always try to go when you're in town?
'Daunt Books [51 South End Road, NW3 2QB]. Their edit is so good that I always find the best and most interesting books there.'

What do you spend all your cash on?
'Food. Definitely food. I'm writing a food and entertaining book, and I'm always experimenting in the kitchen. Oh, and flowers. I work from home, so I'm a sucker for bunches of pink roses from Parkway flower stall in Camden or Columbia Road on a Sunday to cheer up my office.'

What is the best shop in the world?
'This question is making my head spin. Harrods Food Hall; Barney's shoe department; The Broadway Panhandler (a kitchen shop in Manhattan); Selfridges beauty hall; Daunt Books - all of them!'

What would you spend a tenner on?
'Ribbons and buttons in the haberdashery department at John Lewis to perk up my wardrobe.'

What is good and bad about shopping in London?
'Good: the sheer size of the city means there are so many pockets of great shops to discover. Bad: service - still a way to go on the balance between overly effusive (US) and ignoring (UK).'

Biggest mistake buy?
'Anything from a sample sale. Always a disaster once unwrapped at home.'

If you could supermarket sweep any store, which would it be?
'It has to be Dover Street Market, as it has such an immaculate buy across every designer label I could ever want to own.'

Where do you hunt for bargains?
'I'm very upset that Camden Stables Market has been redeveloped. I used to pick up immaculate '50s couture coats and dresses for a tenner a pop, and now it's just full of knick knacks and fish pedicures.'

Sasha Wilkins is the editor of award-winning New York/London lifestyle blog