Talking Shop: Marc Hare

Posted: Wed Oct 3 2012

The shoe designer, shopkeeper and Topman collaborator Marc Hare rabbits about his spending habits

Home is...
'Ladbroke Grove, over near Latimer Road, that side.'

Where's your favourite shopping street in London?
'I've recently really got into looking for furniture. I love spending time over at Alfies Antiques Market and then down around Pimlico Road.'

Favourite place to buy clothes?
'Mayfair. It's the centre; you are in the middle of the luxury industry so all the shop fits are superduper. It's just a beautiful place. You've got all the contemporary labels, all the traditional and then all the high fashion.'

Favourite part of London?
'I work in Shoreditch and I live west so I see both sides of London every single day. I prefer west to live and east to work.'

What do you splash your cash on?
'Holidays and white wine. I buy my wine from a winery in Verona. We have under-street cellars below the new shop and it's full of wine. Other than that I like a good viognier.'

London male style icons?
'Bowie, maybe Bryan Ferry. It's hard to think of anyone else, who doesn't have a stylist, that has a really good sense of style.'

What do you scrimp on?
'Food shopping. I find that I can cook better than most of the places I can afford to eat. You can go out and have an average meal for 50 quid but I can go out and do a week's shopping for £50 and eat like a king. I'll shop at Queen's Park Farmer's market and pick up the rest at Sainsbury's (shh!).'

What's your favourite shop in London?
'Rough Trade West. The original and best. I buy all types of music, I have never been a music Nazi. I have a massively eclectic taste. They will sell you everything under the sun.'

What's good and bad about shopping in London?
'The good thing about shopping in London is that you can buy anything that is available in the world. The bad thing is that by the time you get to the shop, they've sold out. And they don't sell fat-boy sizes!'

Best buys?
'These jeans I'm wearing, Raf Simons from the 2007 collection. I bought them in the Browns sale for nearly nothing. Martin Margiela is my number one designer and I'm really getting into Rick Owens. Dries van Noten is a creative genius.'

Favourite shoe repairers?
'Fifth Avenue in Goodge Street. They can do anything.There is one lesson with cobblers, go in there and be really demanding and if they say they can't do it, walk out and go somewhere else.'

Mr Hare, 8 Stafford St, W1S 4RU. 7495 4200, Green Park tube. Mon-Sat
10.30am-7pm; Sun noon-5pm.