Talking Shop: Will Broome

Fashion’s most in demand illustrator tells us where he buys his pencils, bowties and bikes

What is your favourite weird place to shop in London?

'Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon.'

What do you spend all your cash on?

'That’s easy; bikes. And going out for dinner. I’ve got 3 bikes, and I’d quite like another one because there’s always another bike. I have a custom built, bespoke road bike from Condor Cycles. They did a great job; really knowledgeable staff. I love my bike. I think I might be a ‘MAMIL’. My everyday bike is a fairly ridiculous/scary Nelson Pista track bike. I also have a ‘pimped up’ Charge Plug, which I can’t bring myself to part with, so it lives in my storage unit. Some bike shops in London can be a bit arsey and ‘cliquey’ but Tokyo Fixed are always very friendly to me.

I love eating out, and London has some of the best restaurants. I’ve had some incredible meals and there are too many good restaurants to list but Chez Bruce will always be my favourite. I went there for my 40th birthday lunch. It’s fantastic.'

Where do you buy your art materials?

'People always think I live in a wigwam in Dalston or somewhere equally ‘edgy’, but I don’t, I live in Fulham; up to my neck in Sloanes. If I am at home and there’s a pen emergency I will go to Jackson's Art Supplies. I also go to Cowling and Wilcox, and Chrome and Black on Bethnal Green Road is good if I need markers.'

What do you scrimp on?


Who (in London) do you consider really stylish?

'More stylish than me? Is that even possible? Kim Hasler is super stylish. Katie Hillier always looks cool. My friend Joanna Jeffreys scrubs up well – she’ll love that description. Katie Grand is a stylish Londoner. Julie Verhoeven too.'

If you had just a tenner, where would you spend it?

'I’d probably go to The Sands End and have a couple of pints and a Scotch Egg.'

What is good and bad about shopping in London?

'Tourists getting in my way and the fact I might have to catch a bus or the tube to bring stuff back because I can’t fit it in my rucksack/ride my bike would always be bad points. London is good, though, because you can buy anything. Literally anything.'

Of all the places you’ve been, where has shopping been the best?

'In London or the whole world? New York, San Francisco. I quite like America, and Americans. Colette in Paris is good. I quite liked Hong Kong until I saw most of my work ripped off in a Mong Kok street market. In London I like those shops that specialise in one thing. I bought my daughter a telescope from a telescope shop, and round the corner there was a trombone shop. It amused me. It reminded me of Mr. Benn or something.'

What is the piece of clothing that you have had the most wear out of?

'I have APC jeans that I wear all the time and I ride my bike all the time so wear holes in them. In the arse mainly. Luckily Supa Clean on Wandsworth Bridge Road fix them for me.'

Weirdest buy?

'I bought a massive velvet Lanvin bowtie as I was asked to be Godfather to my best friend’s son, Enzo. I never dress smartly. Ever. I mean, I wear a t-shirt with a dinner jacket printed on the front of it, jeans and Vans at weddings. But, as I was ‘the Godfather’, I thought I’d better make an effort, hence the bowtie. I had a lovely bespoke shirt made by Norton & Sons too. It was weird in many ways; dressing ‘smartly’ but also looking a bit like a clown.'

Biggest mistake buy?

'Probably that bowtie.'

If you could supermarket sweep one designer who would it be?

'I probably should say Marc by Marc Jacobs because at least it might feature my work. But I’d probably go to Vans to stock up on Vans ‘Authentics’. I only ever wear them on my feet. Glamorous aren’t I?'


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