Vintage shops in London

From boutiques to thrift stores, Time Out recommends the best vintage shops in London

We scoured the capital to find the best vintage shops, secondhand boutiques and antique fashion houses, including Camden's rockabilly stockists and east London's thrift warehouses. Here's our comprehensive guide to pre-loved fashion

Vintage shops by area

  • Central London

    From the W1 outpost of Absolute Vintage to Lucy in Disguise – the ritzy showcase for Lily Allen's vintage collection, there are plenty of vintage shops in central London if you know where to find them. View central London vintage shops

  • North London

    From the considered vintage parlours of Stoke Newington, to the chaotic retro jumble of Camden, North London is home to more vintage shops than any other part of London. View north London vintage shops

  • South London

    South London might not have the footfall and fashion reputation of the stores above the river, but that just means there are more vintage bargains for the rest of us. View south London vintage shops

  • East London

    Thanks to the crop of vintage shops which have sprung up around hipster central in Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Dalston, east London is one of the easiest places to find trend led thrift in the city. View east London vintage shops

  • West London

    West London caters for a more refined taste in vintage, with long established celebrity favourites like Rellik and One of a Kind providing collectible, iconic pieces worth their weight in old gold. View west London vintage shops

  • Vintage London

    Whether you love to shop for vintage clothing and retro furniture or to visit old fashioned tea rooms and glamorous cocktail bars, there's no escaping the allure of vintage in London. View vintage London

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