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Posted: Wed Sep 29 2010

First-time playwright Lou Ramsden's text is flawed, but Tim Roseman's production of her dog-fighting drama 'Breed' is entirely to the credit of Theatre 503's burgeoning reputation. Huge credit must also go to sound designer Yvonne Gilbert: a series of speakers concealed within a stretch of grass in front of the stage broadcast canine growls, snarls and whimpers which shift and lurch subtly; combined with well-drilled cast movements, the implied canines are both palpable and credible. Natasha Chivers's lighting is also nicely nuanced, while the cast is strong, particularly Jessica Cave, who perfectly combines girlish helplessness and icy teenage insouciance as 17-year-old single mum Liv.

As 'Breed' begins, Liv - bitterly at odds with her horrendous mother and brother - is losing her taste for the big money dog fights hosted by her parents; plainclothes cop Naz offers
her and her daughter escape from the family home, if only she'll help him bust her folks. There's the potential for a rock-solid script here, but the finished product is uneven in tone, its air of social realist grit frequently overegged (Liv's family are just too awful), with some moments of real soapy silliness (Naz's motivation becomes increasingly baffling). But it's pacy and witty and no disaster for a first play: an entertaining mongrel, buoyed by a pedigree production.

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