Chauntecleer and Pertelotte

This event has now finished. Until Jun 13 2009

Time Out says

Dougie Blaxland's version of Chaucer's Nun's 'Priest's Tale' - originally an Aesop's Fable-style story about anthropomorphic chickens - departs from its source in every respect except sheer lexical ostentation. You may fear that over an hour of lines like: 'From John O'Scrote-Groats to Land's End-Bell stretch all / would the chick-wicks, fuck-feathered by the spur-flash strut-cocky' will drive you mad. In fact, although parts remain gratingly garish and twee it increasingly sounds like a clever pastiche of Chaucer's style. The real reason you warm to the piece, aside from the amusingly filthy plot involving a cock with a big, er, cock, a slutty farmer's wife and cross-species sexual jealousy, is the assured confident charm and of its two performers Tim Dewberry and Annie Hemingway. Playing a huge range of characters, they quickly establish a brilliant rapport with the audience, mixing physical commitment and ironic distance with bags of sexual knowingness.

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Old Red Lion Theatre, 418 St John St, EC1V 4NJ

Old Red Lion Theatre

The rather ramshackle Old Red Lion pub theatre was founded in 1979 and has since staged fresh and emerging talent in into micro upstairs venue....

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