Children's theatre FAQs

Everything you need to know about taking your kids to some of London's top theatres

London has enough wonderful children's theatre on offer that you'll find something to keep even the squirmiest of little ones entertained for an hour or two. It's best to remain prepared, though, so some of the city's theatres have provided information that should prove very useful to organised parents (and designated babysitters).

Barbican Centre

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Am I allowed to bring food into the show? What’s best?
We don't allow food in the auditorium although there are plenty of other areas where families can eat, for example in our foyer spaces.

Are there baby change facilities?
There are baby changing facilities throughout the Barbican Centre.

Can I bring my baby as well? What happens if they start crying loudly? Would I have to take the older children out of the show too?
Babies are welcome at events aimed at younger children and families. Customers with babies usually prefer aisle seats in case they need to leave the auditorium. Older children need to be supervised at all times as we do not allow unaccompanied children in the auditorium.

Do the kids have to remain completely silent throughout? What level of noise is acceptable in a children’s show?
It depends on the event. Sometimes noise is encouraged (‘he's behind you!’) whilst at other times it may not be appropriate - we would do our best to advise either way.

For shows with unreserved seating, do we have to get there early to make sure we can sit together?
Doors usually open 30 minutes before curtain-up. Seating is usually reserved though parents can speak to our Ticket Sales team or one of our Hosts when they arrive to discuss their specific needs.

How strict are age-limits? How can I find out more about a show so I can work out if it’s suitable for my child?
In collaboration with the creative team, we usually recommend an age at which we feel performances can be best understood and appreciated (e.g. recommended for ages 12+). This information can be found in our brochures, our guides and on our website.

Is there a group discount?
Group and children’s discounts are sometimes available.

Is there somewhere we can eat a packed lunch before the show?
We have lots of public spaces to enjoy packed lunches, inside and out.

What do I do with the pushchairs?
Pushchairs can be left in the cloak room.

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