Children's theatre FAQs

Everything you need to know about taking your kids to some of London's top theatres

London has enough wonderful children's theatre on offer that you'll find something to keep even the squirmiest of little ones entertained for an hour or two. It's best to remain prepared, though, so some of the city's theatres have provided information that should prove very useful to organised parents (and designated babysitters).

Little Angel Theatre

Am I allowed to bring food into the show? What’s best?
We don’t allow food in the auditorium at Little Angel because it can be distracting to other audience members and to the performers, but water in bottles is fine.

Are there baby change facilities?
Yes we have a baby change table.

Can I bring my baby as well? What happens if they start crying loudly? Would I have to take the older children out of the show too?
We have “Baby Friendly” shows for most of our productions – when people who have a suitably aged child but also a baby can come along all together without having to get a baby sitter. These are exactly the same performances as any other time (the show isn’t changed) but everyone knows to expect these shows to be a bit noisier. If your baby or child starts screaming it is fine to take them out until they calm down, and then you can return. Children aged 12 and under always need to be supervised in the auditorium, so if you have to go out you’d need to take other children with you unless you had another adult to stay with them. Under 1 year olds go free at Baby Friendly shows. All Baby Friendly shows are listed on each of our productions on our website and in our brochure.

Do the kids have to remain completely silent throughout? What level of noise is acceptable in a children’s show?
We definitely don’t expect kids to sit in absolute silence! In fact often it is essential that they join in so don’t be afraid to let your kids enjoy participating. However if it isn’t appropriate to the show to be talking or screaming, and it is disturbing other audience members, we will ask you to keep the noise down or take a moment to go outside and have a breather.

For shows with unreserved seating, do we have to get there early to make sure we can sit together?
All our shows are unreserved so it is best to make sure you’re there when the auditorium doors open, which is about 15 minutes before the show starts, especially if you are a large group. If a show is sold out and you arrive late, you may have to sit separately but we’ll always do our best to accommodate you. We don’t have any “bad” seats, and we’ll always do our best to encourage little people to sit behind little people and big people to sit behind big people!

How strict are age-limits? How can I find out more about a show so I can work out if it’s suitable for my child?
At Little Angel we are very strict on age limits. Children and babies under the age range for the show will not be allowed into the auditorium. This isn’t because we’re nasty but because we believe that theatre is made with specific age groups in mind – we don’t want young kids to get put off theatre forever by shows that aren’t suitable for them, and they can also disturb other members of the audience. All minimum ages are listed on each of our productions on our website and in our brochure (age ranges vary per production).

Is there a group discount?
Yes, groups of 10 or more get 10 percent off – phone our box office to get this discount.

Is there somewhere we can eat a packed lunch before the show?

Unfortunately we don’t have a big foyer at Little Angel and so we can only open to the public 30 minutes before the show. There is a really lovely garden next to the theatre where you can picnic on a warm day, and there are lots of cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area. Maybe one day we’ll get the foyer extension we’ve always dreamed of…

What do I do with the pushchairs?

Pushchairs can be left in our supervised foyer area but we are only a small theatre so we may ask you to fold them up if it is crowded.

Find out what's on at the Little Angel Theatre

Tucked away in the back streets of Islington, Little Angel Theatre is a hub of passionate puppeteering activity. Established by South African John Wright in 1961, Little Angel Theatre is London’s only permanent puppet theatre and stages diverse productions devised here or by visiting companies.

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