Peter Grimes

Peter Grimes
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Benjamin Britten's masterpiece tells the disturbing story of prejudice, suspicion and persecution in a small fishing village on the East Anglian coast, while the power of the sea and the changing moods of the landscape are famously evoked in rare subtlety by great music. Ben Heppner stars as the outsider fisherman of the title and Amanda Roocroft as the school mistress Ellen Orford – steadfast in her sympathy for Peter. The top-flight supporting cast includes Jonathan Summers (Captain Balstrode), Matthew Best (Swallow), Jane Henschel (Mrs Sedley), Catherine Wyn-Rogers (Auntie), Roderick Williams (Ned Keene), Stephen Richardson (Hobson), Alan Oke (Boles) and Rebecca Bottone (First Niece). This is the first revival of Willy Decker's production; The conductor is Andrew Davis.


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