Spill Festival of Performance 2011: a picture guide

Time Out London's artist-by-artist guide to the Barbican's festival of performance

Diamanda Galas Diamanda Galas - Kristofer Buckle

Davide Pepe and Diamanda Galás: Schrei 27 (Apr 22-23)

Diamanda Galás: 'For over 20 years I have wanted to do a film of a piece like "Schrei 27" on film but in virtual darkness, punctuated only by unexpected flickering images. The protagonist, so to speak, the joker, had always been the solo voice, ripping apart, like burlap, and uncensored sonically.

'This kind of film in which the composer and the filmmaker essentially merge their work into an interweaving of sound and image, sometimes identical, sometimes contrapuntal, sometimes diametric, but never accompanimental is what we were looking for.'

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