The Great British Soap Opera

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Posted: Wed Sep 16 2009

Another cheerily lurid musical from the team that gave us 'Jet Set Go!' - which may be more welcome than any profound examination of these putrid times. Not that these escape artists - the cast of ribald TV soap 'Victoria Square' - can ignore the horrors of the modern economy entirely: the fans may still pant to take their photos and read their gossip but they're no longer so keen to watch the programme. As the best song here announces, 'No One's Job Is Safe Nowadays'.

The shtick is that the soap episodes that these actors have such fun hamming up are hardly more exciting than what goes on behind the scenes. There are love affairs, betrayals and secret pregnancies - even a hint of incest. Worst of all, attempts to boost the ratings include the arrival of posh totty Sophie, who gets some pretty terrible ratings of her own.

The cast are marvellous, the jokes good-natured: only the clunky lyrics and lacklustre tunes let this down. Still, an awful lot of primetime drama is siphoned into a mere hour, and it's hard not to love a play that features the line 'Wait, you dropped your… pregnancy test?'

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