The Last Pilgrim

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Posted: Wed Oct 6 2010

Civil rights-era America has provided grist to the dramatic mill of late, presumably because of the parallels between Barack Obama and the titans of the '60s. Certainly when the trio of journalists in Roy Smiles's 'The Last Pilgrim' discuss whether or not Senator Robert Kennedy has the will to follow up his rhetoric with real change, it's apparent that the question isn't confined to the play's 1968 setting.

The modern parallels aren't entirely helpful: Sean Patterson's Kennedy doesn't feel that well defined, and in his hands the senator's speeches are dry. He's much better when in combative conversation with the journalists, by turns noble, inspiring and maddeningly slippery. And the trio of reporters are excellent, particularly Brendan Hughes's Tom Quinn, a one-time JFK crony now turned to bitterness, liquor and Nixon.

In the final facedown, Smiles's play finds its feet as a gripping interrogation of idealism, pragmatism and demagoguery, replete with enough sassy one-liners to fuel an entire series of 'Mad Men'.

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