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The musical witches of this 'Wizard of Oz' prequel are still casting a spell over the West End

The film world continues its love affair with werewolves, vampires and all things 'Twilight'. But theatre types have always known witches are where it's at. After its 2006 opening at Apollo Victoria, Oz prequel 'Wicked' continues to fill this massive theatre with an international crowd of voracious consumers (glass of champagne and a choccy for £16 anyone?). But this stylish and bombastic musical still delivers, sailing over its patchy score thanks to a gravity-defying performance from its current leading lady Rachel Tucker, as the intense green-skinned undergrad who goes on to become the Wicked Witch of the West.

'Wicked' is a spectacle that rises or falls around its central performance. In the midst of a gigantic production full of bangs, bells and whistles Tucker, with her small frame and searing vocal ability, simply flies off with the show.

She's closely followed by Gina Beck, who plays good girl, Glinda. Glinda and Elphaba's relationship forms the heart of this story and, as the Good Witch, Beck is a consummate clown, playing up the silliness of her character at every turn. But she can raise a tear, too, and her final duet with Tucker, 'For Good', is genuinely heart-rending.

The Tim Burton-inspired ensemble oscillate between the hypnotic and grotesque and a sweet but thin voiced Matt Willis charms as the rather superfluous Prince. As in classical ballet, this is all about the women and, even by previous lead Idina Menzel's standards, they are in soaring form here.

This review is from 2015. The current cast of 'Wicked' as of Jan 30 2017 features Willemijn Verkaik in the lead role, who joins the London cast after playing Elphaba in Broadway, Holland and Germany. She stars alongside Suzie Mathers (Glinda), Sue Kelvin (Madame Morrible) and Mark Curry (The Wizard). Check offical website for full cast details.

How to get cheap tickets: a limited number of front row stalls day seats for night’s performance will go on sale at the box office every morning from 10.30am, priced £29.50 each. In person only.

By: Honour Bayes


Venue name: Apollo Victoria
Address: Wilton Rd
Transport: Tube: Victoria
Price: £19.50-£70.25, Premium Seats £95.25-£125
Event website: http://www.wickedthemusical.co.uk
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Steve  H
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We went to last Saturday night‘s show. The theatre is directly opposite Victoria tube station so easy to get to and find. We got to the theatre at 7.15pm which allowed plenty of time. 

I really enjoyed this fun show - Emma Hatton is a great Elphaba, with an amazing voice! Best moment for me was the 'Defying Gravity' number just before the interval. I did sometimes struggle hearing the words in some songs but the story itself was easy to keep up with and there were many good references to the Wizard of Oz film! The cast was great and the costumes were stunning!

I didn't leave this show feeling speechless as I did when I went to see the Lion King but I did thoroughly enjoy it and would recommend it!.

Tracey S

Went to see this with my kids and my mum and it was loved by all. The songs are really catchy and the singing is incredible, gave me goosebumps!

Definite must see if you are a musical fan, I have a friend who has been over 20 times and she would still happily go back again.

Dianne H

The first time I saw Wicked around 6 years ago I became absolutely obsessed with the soundtrack and uniqueness of the show in comparison to other London musicals on the scene.  I'm so happy to say I loved it just as much the second time around and was singing along with everyone else.

Wicked tells the story of two witches from very different backgrounds who teach each other different lessons on life.  The wicked witch of the west and the good witch GA-linda are the two stand out performers who are constantly engaging, funny and have the most incredible voices!  The part where Elpheba rises up singing 'defying gravity' shows off just how good the talent and singing of the actresses is.

The set is also impressive with a moving dragon and modern take on the wizard of Oz.  Still one of my favourite ever musicals, don't miss the chance to see the cast of Wicked on stage as it totally lives up to it's name!  You'll leave the theatre humming the sound track for a long time.

Kirsty E

Absolutely AMAZING. Before I went, I had heard mixed reviews but it seemed no one had been recently and I would highly recommend them to go again. The new cast is incredible. 

I also had no idea it would be so unbelievably funny. I laughed out loud for most of the show and this is definitely one of those shows that would appeal to everyone for that reason - kids would find it entertaining and amusing and there's plenty in there to enjoy for the adults too.

This is a must for anyone that loves a musical, or even just a laugh. Couldn't rate it highly enough.


I LOVE this show. This is my second visit as I wanted to see it which the new cast and even with the second time, I can say that the show is phenomenal! I rate this musical higher than any other big productions musicals currently showing in London. 

The Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, is a misunderstood young girl who was born with bright green skin . Whereas Gaaaalinda, the Good Witch, starts out as a spoilt blonde brat. They become best friends and Elthie teaches Glinga to truly understand which characters, people, animals are bad and also to stand up for the fairness.  Wicked turns everything upside down, fighting for the others and becoming a heroine.

Great songs, great storyline, great stage work, great sets. From start to finish I was totally immersed even though I knew what to expect. Emerald city set is something special and magical, costumes are stunning, signing is immaculate,dancing is captivating. The leading actress Willemijn Verkaik played Wicked in different countries, including on the Broadway. Defying Gravity song is spectacular and really is magical when Wicked rises in the air.  

This show is already runs in the Apollo Victoria for 11 years with the timeless success. I would see it again!


There's something incredibly clever about a story, aimed at adults, that taps directly into our childhood. No one can deny that the feeling of being transported back to a great, epic, story, we watched as a five year old (or thereabouts), is a wonderful one. The memories of the film we first enjoyed, the feelings we felt for Dorothy as she wanted so desperately to get home, the Wicked Witch we wanted slain and the Tin-Man we wanted to offer a big hug to, all come rushing back as the story of Wicked unfolds. 

What surprised me most about this show - I mean, I knew it would be big and brash - was the fact it was both so funny, more so in the first half, and touching. It manages to finely balance big, noisy, wonderfully large scenes with moments of delicate sentimentality. By the end of it you're routing for the Good Witch Glinda to do the right right and hoping the Wicked Witch comes to no harm. Wicked totally turns the original story of the Wizard of Oz on it's head and I think that makes it a very clever indeed!

As for a great show to go and see? Absolutely. Beautiful costumes and scenery. Large numbers and dark moment that older children and all adults will enjoy, and a lovely rendition of Gravity of course. My only criticism, and the reason for not getting the full five stars, is that I don't think the rest of the songs were anything special and to make up for it, perhaps one grand finale singing Gravity might have at least sated my appetite for a sing-along. But hey, you don't see this show for the score, you see it for the great spectacle and wonderful story and it deserves every star for that.

Liz G

Phenomenal! The voices, the characters, the costumes!! An absolute must-see for any musical fan.

The magical story of the two witches of Wizard of Oz is a spellbinding display of friendship and love. Beautifully done.

Paula - ToT

This is one of my favourite shows in the West End and I have recently seen it for the second time.  When I first went to see this, I didn’t really know what the story was and was mesmerised by the performance - it’s cleverly written and beautifully acted.  It’s amusing, but also dark at times.  It actually has quite a few parallels with what is going on in society today so is bizarrely quite relevant - you can’t help but to wryly smile at certain points considering recent political events…  However, everyone is waiting for Defying Gravity and it never disappoints - a well-crafted and beautifully sung song.  The set design is clever and the music is amazing.  Packs out every night for a reason so go and see it!

Jane G.

I was thrilled to attend Wicked at the Apollo theatre last night. I saw it about 10 years ago when Kerry Ellis started as Elphaba.

I was blown away by Galinda! She made the show with her energy! The singing was spot on!

Still after all these years it was a packed house!!

Absolutely a must see!


The storyline, costumes, set, venue and acting are all of the highest quality. It is a remarkably slick production and for that reason alone, I don't think it would be fair to criticize too much. However, I didn't find the songs all that catchy/memorable (which is fairly key for a musical) and I think it may appeal to certain demographics that I don't fall into. Still a good show and worth seeing

Sonia C

I love everything about this show- it's just a perfect West End experience- great costumes, songs, script & sets. It's big, brash & totally entertaining. I've now seen it 4 times & it gets better every time!!


A feel good show with incredible stage work. Everyone knows the wizard of oz story, this is a prequel to that. The songs are great and well known. Don't go in expecting the world's best musical, just go in to enjoy the songs and the show for what it is.  

David U

Looks great, shame about the story-line. Songs are less than memorable and a fair bit of the dialogue and singing is screechy. The plot lost me in places or maybe I just didn't care. Overall nothing to write home about. Cannot see for the life of me why it won so many awards

Lucy Loo

I am a big musicals fan but for some reason I just didn't click with this one. Not sure if it's because I didn't know any of the songs... or if I didn't love the storyline... but it is my least favourite show that I've seen in London. Les Mis, We Will Rock You, Mamma Mia are all miles better.... Sorry!!


As the grinch that stole musicals, I was not expecting to enjoy wicked half as much as I did.. though I guess my knowledge was mainly based on the out of tune, half word versions of the songs that I often heard teenage girls singing. HOWEVER, cynics - it is a fantastic set, catchy tunes, and it can't but warm the cockles of your cold heart. Even if you don't think it will be your cup of tea, I highly recommend it - embrace the cheese and enjoy the show.

Marco D

A mind-blowing spectacular musical!

Such an incredible and captivating show full of magic and wonder of Oz.

At first I wasn't expecting to see a show like this. It's a great twist to the story of the Wizard of Oz.

It's right next to Victoria station which is excellent for whoever is travelling and it's one of the best, well-known shows that continuously blows the people and tourists of London. It's a magnificent globe of a theatre with so many seats that intertwine around the show.

The stand out piece of the show for me and for many others is definitely 'Defying Gravity'. It blew me out of this world. The costumes are intricately special, the shine and sparkle are fascinating.

The story was incredibly beautiful, I wasn't expecting the Wicked Witch to have passed such a horrible and devastating story and life.

I still can't believe that this show at the Apollo Victoria has always a full house. So many people around the world are interested and want to know the story and find out for themselves the true beauty and love of being who you are and not being ashamed of it. We all are different in so many ways. We have to learn to embrace it and love ourselves. Go and experience this wickedly inspiring show.

#TOTastemaker Love MD.

Daniel L

This is one of the most notorious day seat queues in London, and also one of the most popular shows in general. This used to be the top musical production before the likes of Mathilda and Book of Mormon. The cast is notoriously strong with big names having played the lead roles in the past. The current stars are excellent as well. Emma Hatton is a small lady with a huge voice and this is the reason why she brings down the house night after night. Savannah Stevenson plays an amazingly annoying but eventually lovable Glinda as well. I think the set is one of the best in London and the costumes are also wonderfully made. This is definitely one of the top shows in London and there is no wonder it is one of the longer running shows.

Explorer S

I spontaneously bought tickets for it, but I am glad in the end there was no regrets and I absolutely loved the show. 
At first I was worried, because I can't recall Wizard Of Oz at all. But not to worry- as it is a back story of a back story I didn't have any problems because of that.

Enjoyed the show 100% and loved the relatable characters and great performances.

Cynthia F

I have to be honest, when a friend wanted to go for her birthday, this wasn't very high up my musical list to see, and sorry to admit I've never been that fussed with the Wizard Of Oz fandom....and then I saw Wicked.

It's such a visual treat if money were no issue I'd love to watch it again and again from different seats, the songs are so good you will find yourself turning to 'Defying Gravity' on a sad day, plus the different take on the whole Oz story is a fun different approach.

100% worth the hype!

Henry C

Full disclosure, I'm not a big fan of musicals. It is entertaining and has some memorable songs. The first half of the play is very entertaining and kept me engaged. Unfortunately the second half loses it's way a little and the pace drops, which caused me to drop-off momentarily.

You can get very well priced seats and every view in the auditorium is excellent so it's the kind of show that can be seen on a cheap and cheerful evening.


I have now seen this show 3 times, and with each viewing my love for it gets stronger and larger.  The story is familiar but unique, the score catchy and impressive, and the acting and talent mind blowing. It has to be, with the incredible powerful high notes required of Elphie and Glinda (notes I have repeatedly tried to hit whilst in my car to a high level of embarrassing failure!) - without fail I have had goosebumps and a lump in my throat as Defying Gravity reaches it's climax.

The costume and set have meticulously designed to really transport you to the world being inhabited on the stage. The costumes are dazzling and clever, and I adore the use of animatronics - the giant, unmissable dragon that lures over the stage is frightening and impressive.

If you have read the book that this show is based on be safe in knowing that there are significantly less animal sex sacrifices in this performance (if you haven't read the book, i'd actually advise against it... it's weird, and very dark!) and is definitely appropriate for a younger audience as well as the more mature. A knowledge of what went down in The Wizard of Oz is recommended, just so you can pick up on the subtle sub-plot and context that goes on. It's extremely clever and humorous when you get it!

I'd recommend this show to everyone, and luckily there are often some very good price deals around the net so you can take the fam for less than £20 each which I think is pretty good considering the quality of the show. Sadly the quality of pre-theatre restaurants in Victoria is pretty lacking so i'd suggest enjoying dinner closer to Covent Garden if you want to grab a really good meal before hand.

maayan s

Loved this show, the songs were great, all the ain actors have amazing voices!! 

Lizzie W

Most musicals I go to I know the songs - Lion King, Oliver, Calamity Jane, Grease - however with Wicked I hadn't heard the songs before, I didn't really know the story line and basically had no clue what I was letting myself in for. I wasn't particularly excited because of this but my friend wanted to go for her birthday and boy am I glad I went. I came out grinning from ear to ear, humming the songs and wanting to talk to anyone and everyone about the story line (you won't think about Wizard of Oz in the same light again). The stage set was stunning, the actors were brilliant and the songs are the best - goosebumps throughout. I can't recommend this musical enough and I can't wait to see it again. Be warned when booking the tickets a restricted view really does mean a restricted view - I had neck ache from craning over the bars at the front of the circle but it was so worth it!

Lise M

After many years in London, I finally got the chance to see Wicked at the Apollo Theatre. It was absolutely phenomenal! The production was amazing with an outstanding cast and fabulous decor. As soon as the show starts, you are transporting to the magical World of Oz. My only disappointment was that our seat was quite high and it was sometimes hard to see details. But I would definitely recommend this show as it's one of the must-do when you are in London. You'll be absolutely not disppointed! 


As a child I was always amazed by the story of Dorothy and Toto, the Lion who wanted courage, the Tinman who wanted a a heart and the Scarecrow who wanted a brain, so when I bought tickets to see Wicked, I couldn't contain my excitement. I had read all the reviews, most of which were 5 stars and outstanding, so I knew I was in for a right old treat!

Arriving at Victoria I was greeted by the mass of road works which I had completely forgotten about. I managed to negotiate my way around them though, and arrived at the entrance - the large green illuminated sign calling me like a beacon...

Once I grabbed a drink and found my seat, I settled in for what I could only describe as the most amazing show I have ever seen. The voices were incredible, and when the crescendo moment of Defying Gravity started to build, so did the goosebumps! The cast did an amazing job of transporting me back to being a small child, totally in love with the story. A standing ovation was almost not enough to give this show what it deserved.

Honestly I couldn't recommend this show enough - I urge everyone to go and see it!

Audrey B

Saw the show last night with my 10 year old boy and we both loved it - it was such a treat. All actors were amazing, voices were great and the lighting and stage sets also amazing but the costumes were something else. Great work the Wicked team - excellent execution we loved it. 


Follow the yellow brick road down to the Apollo Theatre, Victoria to watch this sensational show. With a brilliant cast, stage scenery and catchy tunes, this is one is a real crowd pleaser. It's a real family show but with some adult humour to keep the parents amused. 

Sarah J

Hands down one of my favourite London theatre performances! We saw it around Christmas time which I think was just magical in itself, but the musical production and the actors and actresses did an absolutely fantastic job of bringing the story to life in such a magical and spectacular way. I was lucky enough to get front-row on the day tickets for approx £29 each. I began queuing outside the theatre at around 8.30/8.45am on the morning of the performance, and there was already a handful of people ahead of me - so it may be advised to get there even earlier in the summertime. I was lucky to get the last 2 seats on the front-row. There was a slight neck stretch being so close but apart from that it was amazing being so close to the stage. The theatre is located a stones throw away from Victoria station (aside from all the construction work in Victoria right now), which makes it so convenient to get home after an evening performance. There are also plenty of great restaurants and bars in the area if you wanted to grab a pre-dinner meal or drink. I would recommend this performance as a must-see for all.

Shona R

I've seen this now, not once but twice.  Admittedly, the second time I saw it was not as good as the first because the actors had changed - so your enjoyment of the night will definitely depend on who is on stage.

For those who have no idea, the story line is what happens in the lead up to the Wizard of Oz and tells the story behind Elphaba (wicked witch).  It's a brilliant take on a classic tale, and I almost wish they did the same thing for all the evil characters in story-tales.

There are plenty of places to eat nearby that offer theatre deals, so if you're thinking of making a night of it - definitely possible! 

Staff Writer

As a fan of the Wizard of Oz' tales, I was very curious to see what the production put on stage to explain why the Witch of East became the nasty one and the witch of west the good one... This show is extremely amazing!! i saw it 8 times in the past 6 years!! the costumes are outstanding, the story heartbreaking and the performance of Elphaba breathtaking! This is probably the BEST show in the west end!!! Let the story take you through Munchkinland  and the Emerald City...

Rosie T
Staff Writer

I saw this a very long time ago and so my review may be a little dated in terms of cast for sure. That aside, the story, production and songs will be all the same hehe

It was the song 'defying gravity' that had made me want to see this, that and I am a massive fan of 'The Wizard of Oz' and wanted to see the story of the wicked witch. I was very impressed on the interpretation of who the wicked witch really was and how she became wicked...or not. 

Defying Gravity was my favourite song and it was sung incredibly, oh how I love that last note. It's a fun and colourful musical. I would say one that the family would love as well as a few who like a good musical with great songs and good humour. 

Nadine W

Slow and meandering first half. Didn't stick around after the interval.

Lacked pizazz or any sort of wickedness! Wasn't what I was expecting.

Maia M

I have seen this show 4 times and it never gets old. The costumes are amazing, like the set, and the cast + ensemble is phenomenal!

Staff Writertastemaker

I'm so surprised that everyone loves this show, but they seem to so I'll try not dampen spirits.

I would say that the songs aren't exactly pop bangers, a little schmaltzy perhaps and more inline with a Disney movie than a stage show for adults, so if that's not your sort of thing maybe save the quids.

I also think the costume and staging needs a re-vamp, the steampunk victoriana styling is a little jarring in 2015 and is dating rapidly, for me it dates the whole set which has some impressive transformations.

Corina B

I absolutely loved this show, I have been dying to see it for so long and I recently just got the chance. It is very cleverly written and the plot is really captivating at is completley different from what you would expect. The cast was all very good, and even though it was a little strange to hear the songs I've heard for so long sung in another accent, they did an amazing job.


My favourite musical! I've seen this three times now and i can't fault it at all! I love it each time! I get so drawn in by the fantastic singing!

Kemi O

A pretty good production with a very convincing Elphaba, I definitely wouldn't say I had the best seats in the building, but even from my obscure position in the audience, I still could enjoy the stunning voices of most of the cast (particularly Emma Hatton who played Elphaba). I even cried when she sang 'Defying Gravity' - so i think this one is a winner!

Samantha H

A beautiful story told with some incredible staging and songs.  A few of the big hits have become popular from other shows but there is much more to Wicked than those few songs!  The acting is fantastic and the costumes are stunning.  One for all the family, even if you haven't seen Wizard of Oz in a few years (I would definitely make sure anyone going has seen it at some point though!).  Not the best show in London but definitely top 5! 

Alanna S

Everything a traditional musical should be - huge numbers, amazing staging and a sensational story that will transport you to Oz for a few magical hours. 

Kirsty E

Having been fortunate enough to have seen quite a few shows in London, I have to stay I think this is the most over rated. I feel like I must have missed something because I really can't see what all the fuss is about!

Didn't seem to be much of a storyline and is it just me or do all the songs sound exactly the same but with different words?! (Not that you can understand the words anyway!)

Would have probably given one star but the extra one is for Defying Gravity, the only famous song from the show, which was performed very well.


I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this show was! I admit being a bit sceptical about the it beforehand (I’m not into stories about witches for about 20 years now), but a combination of great performance, cleaver production and engaging plot and it all worth it!
Wicked is especially great choice for a family evening out, but don't let your age stop you - there is something in it for everyone!

Tiago Almeida

This is official my first 5 start review ever (I pretty sure...).

Amazing musical, beautify story and stunning voices, I was absolutely speechless.

I'm fortunate to have seen many of the musical in London and Wicked is now my favorite.

Please go and see it and in the end join the rest of the audience in a standing ovation because I'm sure it will happen. :)

Tara P

I've seen Wicked four times on the West End and once in LA. It's unfair to expect the West End to live up to the first amazing experience of it, but the cast does a pretty good job. 

I love the story and the songs - for me both get five stars. 

The current leads are excellent, with Tucker in particular bringing gusto to the role of Elphaba, and Glinda too is very good. The supporting cast, however, could be better, as both Madame Morable and Fiero don't bring as much charm to the stage as perhaps they could. I find both rather grating.

The theatre is massive. I wouldn't pay extra for the centre/middle rows of the stalls; as it's an old cinema there is quite a slope and even as quite a tall adult it was difficult to see the stage over the head of the person in front.

A good London experience but don't pay over the odds. 


Great acting and stunning set of voices. A must-see show!

Raymond M

I'm not the biggest fan of musicals, but given what I have heard about it, (mostly very positive), I decided to give it a go.

The theatre is small but you do get a good view of the stage. I was up in the gods, and other than the acoustics being a little load at times, I was happy with the seat. The story is a little on the thin side and a tad cliche. But, the actors and staging was decent.

For a non musical fan, there are plenty of laughs to enjoy and it is worth a trip. Plenty of good deals on at the moment too.

Staff Writer

Did I watch the same show as everyone else?!

It was all I could do not to walk out after the first five minutes of this tosh. The story line was vapid, the acting and singing brought me close to tears for all the wrong reasons. I managed to glue myself to my seat for the second half, convinced that it had to get better after the interval - but no, the second half was even worse. 

Having said that, it's clear that I am alone in my thoughts so go and see it for yourself and make up your own mind!

Theresa N

It was a great show and the music was spellbinding. The leading actresses had exceptional voices. A great night out!

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