Yours Abundantly, From Zimbabwe

This event has now finished. Until Oct 18 2008

Time Out says

The mid-life crisis play and the 'what shall we do about Africa?' play – surely two of the most unprepossessingly middle class propositions in theatre? Gillian Plowman's brilliant strategy is to run the two in tandem so that each becomes a critique of the other. By the time her funny, full-hearted creation has drawn its conclusions about the link between individual action and global ramifications, any accusations of privileged idealism or third world romanticisation have been firmly blocked by the lump in your throat. Born out of the playwright's own experience exchanging letters with orphaned children in Zimbabwe, 'Yours Abundantly…' centres around a 40-something English divorcee, who performs an impromptu act of kindness for a young Zimbabwean boy while on holiday, and winds up corresponding with his whole village. Voiced by an ever-present chorus, they petition Nell for money in tones that seem comically, sycophantically excessive ('I am rolling in bubbles of happiness' writes the charismatic headmaster on receipt of a delivery of scientific calculators) and yet, when contrasted with the pinched and haughty materialism of Nell's daughter Georgia, are full of genuine, sensual joy. Push aside narcissistic prevarication and act, is the message. As Nell observes, she's lucky to have a mid-life crisis – the average life expectancy of a woman in Zimbabwe is 34.

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