African London

Food, fashion, music and art: the influence of Africa is felt throughout London, and it's growing. Time Out takes a cross section of the city to see the effect of a continent on a capital

  • London's best African shops and markets

    The best places to buy food, fabric, music, books and film, as well as a round-up of markets for African goods and produce.

    African restaurants and bars

    Cuisines from the whole continent, plus a few characteristic capital fusions.

    African cultural calendar

    Forthcoming events and festivals in London.

    Museums and galleries for African art and history

    Look beyond the British Museum for London's wealth of African culture.

    African art

    We look at the contrasting fortunes of African artists and why many remain underappreciated.

    African musicians in London

    Explore the enormous range of African musical influences London can boast.

    African culture for kids in London

    Walks, workshops, drumming and dance – there are loads of great African activities for kids in the capital.

    African club nights in London

    South London may boast much of the capital's best African nightlife, but the sounds of eclectic Afro-beat can now be heard across the city.

    African dance and theatre classes in London

    Dance and theatre from across Africa is on offer in London, mixing traditional and contemporary forms.

    Photos of London by the African diaspora

    How does London look to a new arrival or a first-generation inhabitant? We asked members of the diaspora to hit us with their best shot.

    Ghanaian food in London

    Time Out meets the people aiming to make ‘going for a Ghanaian’ part of every food-lover’s lingo

    London lives: the Ghanaian doctor

    Charlie Easmon’s great grandfather was one of London’s first black doctors. Now he’s following with his own Harley Street practice.


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