Animal statues in London

The best animal statues across London

  • 25 bs Gorilla2.jpg

    1 Guy the Gorilla

    London ZooOne of two Guy statues in London, the zoo’s ‘Mighty Joe Young’ effort was sculpted in 1982 by William Timym, who sounds like a character from a Steve Martin film. A more feral Guy in Crystal Palace Park is by David Wynne from 1961.25 bs Dolphin 1.jpg

    2 Boy and Dolphin

    Albert BridgeThe self-taught Wynne is also responsible for the graceful, pert-buttocked ‘Boy with a Dolphin’ on the corner of Cheyne Walk and Albert Bridge, near a car dealer.

    25 BS Cat.jpg

    3 Hodge the Cat

    Gough SquareLooking as well-fed as his owner, Samuel Johnson, Hodge is described as ‘a very fine cat’ and been stuck on a pedestal atop a dictionary. It was sculpted by Jon Bickley, a former zookeeper.
    25 bs camel.jpg

    4 Camel Corps

    Embankment GardensLondon’s best 3D camel (there’s a good stucco one on Great Tower Street) is near Cleopatra’s Needle. It commemorates the work of the Camel Corps in World War I.24 BS bear2.jpg

    5 Winnie the Pooh

    London ZooThere are two statues of former resident Winnie the Pooh at London Zoo, one a semi-realistic effort in the children’s zoo and this whimsical chap near the bear area. Another popular fictional London bear statue is Paddington at Paddington Station.24 BS Lioness 2.jpg

    6 Lioness and Lesser Kudu

    Upper Grosvenor GardensA wilfully bizarre choice of statue for Victoria, Jonathan Kenworthy’s random slice of ‘Planet Earth’-style kudu-slaughter is both impressive and really rather silly. 24 BS Castle010.jpg

    7 Elephant

    Elephant and CastleLondon’s best animal-based giant shopping centre-located statue, has been described as the ‘emblem of the cockney world’.
    24 BS Dog 2.jpg

    8 Brown Dog

    Battersea ParkThe Brown Dog Affair was an argument that revolved around vivisection in 1903 and resulted in the casting of a statue of a dog, destroyed in 1910. This rat-like replica appeared in 1985 and is in Battersea Park. 24 BS Tiger 1.jpg

    9 Jamrach’sTiger

    Tobacco DockThis captures an incident when a tiger escaped from private pet shop-cum-zoo Jamrach’s Emporium in Wapping and grabbed a passing child, fortunately without injury. It’s found in the bizarre, abandoned (yet still open) Tobacco Dock shopping centre.25 bs Lion 3.jpg

    10 South Bank Lion

    Westminster BridgeOnce located on the Lion Brewery, pulled down in 1951 to make way for the Royal Festival Hall, this immense stone lion was made of a material called Coade stone.

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