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  • Jo, 30

    Occupation: Culture manager.

    I’m a catch because…
    I have a filthy sense of humour, a big heart, I cook a mean dinner, get free tickets to gigs and have great legs.

  • Mia, 29

    Occupation: Lawyer.

    I'm a catch because…
    I am intelligent, lots of fun, am secretly a billionaire and bake a mean cupcake. Some of this may not be true.

  • Robbie, 43

    Occupation: Sexual health and HIV contracts manager.

    I’m a catch because...
    I’m a well travelled cultural adventurer, who’s at ease in almost any situation, with a quick wit, playful spirit, big heart and an easy smile.

  • Rachel, 44

    Occupation: Waitress and stained-glass window artist.

    I’m a catch because...
    I am funny, generous, irreverent, honest, enthusiastic, loud and open, and quite frankly an utter delight, even if I say so myself! Go on... I dare you! 

  • Maggie, 50

    Occupation: Portfolio person in personal development skills.

    I’m a catch because…
    I have my wits about me, value the meaningful and the mundane and I’m kind, considerate and fun to be with. Now come catch me.

  • Jude, 39

    Occupation: Creative Director of a digital media agency.

    I’m a catch because…
    I’ve got a zest for life and am full of surprises – so expect the unexpected. I’m never bored because I’m interested in everything and everyone.

  • Samantha, 41

    Occupation: Business development manager.

    I’m a catch because…
     I’m laid back, witty, smart and I make a mean crab linguine!

  • Coco, 30

    Occupation: Office manager.

    I’m a catch because…
    I’m genuine and have a very easy personality.

  • Claire, 49

    Occupation: Events organiser.

    I’m a catch because…
    I can always think of a dozen things to do that are better than sitting in front of the telly.

  • Rohen, 40

    Occupation: Doctor.

    I’m a catch because…
    I’m a brilliant cook, fun to have around and a great conversationalist.

  • Naomi, 35

    Occupation: Teacher.

    I’m a catch because…
    I am a woman of many talents, but discerning about who I share them with.

  • Alexa, 46

    Occupation: Interior designer.

    I’m a catch because…
    I’m dead funny, I have friends in some really great ski locations and I make great focaccia. What else can you possibly need?

  • Caroline, 32

    Occupation: Policy adviser.

    I’m a catch because…
    I’m warm, imaginative, passionate and perceptive. I bake lots of cakes, read voraciously and enjoy a good debate. I’m sometimes serious, often playful and always optimistic.

  • Emma, 38

    Occupation: In education.

    I’m a catch because…
    I’m warm, upbeat, smart, grounded, honest. I can play the bass or dance salsa while discussing literature, film and politics. I also like cocktails.

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