Download the first ever Time Out from 1968

Back in the summer of ’68, a new magazine appeared on London’s streets. The first Time Out was a double-sided A2 sheet folded down into an A5 pamphlet. It sold for one shilling, and started a publishing revolution. Here's the whole thing to download, though we recommend phoning the venues first to double-check these listings

  •  Time Out Issue 1, August 12 1968
    Time Out Issue 1, August 12 1968

    With listings for 'Buildings', 'Blueish Films' 'Puppets' and 'Rabbit Food', Time Out Issue 1 really set out as it meant to go on, with something for just about everybody in the capital. Music fans whose hearts skipped a beat on seeing Jimi Hendrix in the gig listings must surely have been downcast to learn he was 'In America during Aug/Sept'.

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