Ebony Bones: interview

Actress-cum-funk prodigy whose current brilliant and elegantly titled single is 'Don't Fart on My Heart', Ebony Bones is one of our 40th birthday heroes

  • Ebony Bones: interview

    Ebony Bones

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    What’s the most important thing that’s happened in your field in the past 40 years?

    ‘The internet and file sharing. It cuts out the middle man; artists are now allowed to be creative and get it out there immediately and let the public judge for themselves, as opposed to having a record label oversee what they can and can’t listen to. That’s how my name managed to grow in an organic way. It’s put power in the people’s hands. With the current generation of kids and people who want to discover music for themselves, MySpace has been a driving force. Being an unsigned artist yet being the most played artist on Radio 1 wouldn’t happen without MySpace.’

    You’ve been chosen as one of Time Out’s all time heroes. How does it feel?

    ‘It’s amazing. I think that Time Out is something that I’ve grown up reading my whole life, I feel quite humbled.’

    Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

    ‘Trying to be my own hero.’

    What’s your personal favourite moment in London? Where were you, and what was happening?

    ‘I was about six years old on my dad’s shoulders at Notting Hill Carnival. I remember vividly seeing costumes, people and children really embracing what London was about, the cultural diversity and the melting pot, and that’s when I realised I was in the centre of the world.’
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