Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition

A new exhibition pays tribute to our extinct feathered friends

The pigeon is ubiquitous but where have the rest of our birds gone? A new exhibition highlights the plight of London’s feathered inhabitants, and the global problem of dwindling bird numbers. Artists, writers and filmmakers have contributed works based on an extinct species, with eccentric and intriguing results.

Ghosts of Gone Birds runs until Nov 23 at the Rochelle School, E2.

‘Dead as a dodo’ by Sir Peter Blake

© Peter Blake

The dodo is easily the world’s most famous extinct bird, wiped out in Mauritius in the mid-seventeenth century, just a hundred years after the species was first discovered by man. Was Peter Blake miffed that Ralph Steadman also picked the dodo to draw? ‘He wasn’t at all put out,’ insists Levy. ‘We tried to keep people away from double-ups, but when they said that they really, really wanted to…’

Dodo by Ralph Steadman Bishop’s ’O ’O by Ben Newman Choiseul Crested Pigeon by Rebecca Jewell 'Dead as a dodo' by Sir Peter Blake ‘If Only’ by Rob Ryan The White Gallinule by Le Gun

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