London 2012 Olympic Games - events guides

All you need to know about every Olympic event during the London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: event guides

  • Archery

    An ancient art dating back to the Pharaohs

  • Athletics

    London 2012's ultimate showpiece

  • Badminton

    Fleet-footed, quick-thinking athletes

  • Basketball

    Some of the world’s biggest sports stars hold court

  • Beach Volleyball

    Banging choons and washboard stomachs

  • Boxing

    Amateur fighting showpiece where stars of the future are made

  • Canoeing

    Wet 'n' wild action with huge GB medal potential

  • Cycling

    A primetime pedalling frenzy

  • Diving

    Jaw-dropping acrobatics made to look easy

  • Equestrian

    The most egalitarian Olympic sport

  • Fencing

    A noble art, at once violent and graceful

  • Football

    This will make up for losing all those World Cup bids

  • Gymnastics

    A mesmeric show of agility, swan-like elegance and strength

  • Handball

    The second most popular sport in Europe

  • Hockey

    Best described to an alien life form as football with sticks

  • Judo

    Judo means ‘the gentle way’

  • Modern Pentathlon

    A five-event bonanza. Guns, swords and horses included

  • Rowing

    London 2012’s ultimate test of endurance and brute strength

  • Sailing

    This is Great Britain's real national sport

  • Shooting

    The greatest test of mental resolve at London 2012

  • Swimming

    Records will tumble and spectators will get splashed

  • Synchronised Swimming

    Athletes with an ability to stay underwater for ages

  • Table Tennis

    Whiff-whaff is coming home, hooray!

  • Taekwondo

    The ancient Korean art of kicking people in the head

  • Tennis

    Two Wimbledons in one summer

  • Triathlon

    Athletes with more stamina than Sting

  • Volleyball

    Is this London 2012’s most underrated event?

  • Water Polo

    Swimming pools don't get any more exciting

  • Weightlifting

    The world's buffest bodies compete for our entertainment

  • Wrestling

    Sport at its most unpretentious, rugged and sensual