London Underground websites

Want to learn more about the engineering miracle that is London's underground? Here's some of our favourite websites about the world's first subterranean rail network

  • London Underground websites

    Image courtesy London Transport Museum ( © Transport For London

  • There are dozens of great tube websites, queen of which is Annie Mole’s brilliant a daily underground diary.

    Diamond Geezer has an annual tube week packed with facts at

    Clive’s Underground Line Guides ( is a scarily detailed history of each London tube line.

    The London Transport Museum ( does the official thing well, while TfL’s own tube section ( is very useful, with great stats hidden in its ‘corporate’ section. allows you to stay up-to-date with transport projects in London.

    Mash-ups of the Underground map are frequently threatened with legal action by an over-protective TfL, but there are some crackers online at, and

    Finally, there are great two sites on ghost stations: and

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