Religious London

God is a Londoner! Our capital has more religious groups than any other city in the world and together they weave a wonderfully rich tapestry, producing communities teeming with diversity. This extraordinary mix of faiths in London is a phenomenon and here we explore and celebrate it

  • London's religions map

    London hosts more religions than any other city on the planet. This snapshot of six of the largest faiths shows where they predominate

    Evangelical worship in London

    A world away from sombre sermons, evangelical worship is a dramatic, noisy and moving spectacle – and attendances in the capital are on the up. Time Out bears witness.

    Religion and free speech

    ‘Protecting religion’ has been the justification for policing free speech in Britain. Is the charge of blasphemy making a comeback?Religion and fashion Time Out meets the young Londoners making religion hip.

    Muslim speed dating

    For religious Londoners, finding a long-term partner who shares your beliefs is no easy feat. Time Out enters the world of Muslim speed dating.

    The God food guide

    Does a meal in a place of worship have to come with a side order of preaching? Not if you know where to dine.

    Life as a monk in London

    Time Out spends time with the Catholic monks at St Benedict's Ealing Abbey.

    Neasden's Hindu temple

    The BAPS Shri Swaninarayan Hindu Mandir in north London is the biggest Hindu temple in the world outside India, and a fitting addition to our choice of the capital's seven wonders.

    Is London's future Islamic?

    If the capital becomes a predominately Muslim city in years to come, what would this actually mean? Would you be enriched or enraged?

    Carol concerts in London

    Learn about the history of some of our favourite carols, and find details of some of the capital's best carol concerts and services, including that at St Paul's and the Royal Albert Hall Christmas Festival.

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