Thames Festival 2013: 1513: A Ships’ Opera

Trinity Buoy Wharf , Blackwall Saturday September 14 2013 18:40
Thames Festival 2013: 1513: A Ships’ Opera
© Zatorski + Zatorski
1513: A Ships' Opera – The Dutch Klipper, De Walvisch, is one of the historic vessels taking part in 1513: A Ships’ Opera by Richard Wilson

Artists Richard Wilson and Zatorski + Zatorski come together to present the Thames Festival’s centrepiece number, a day-long performance along the Thames, stretching from the sea near the mouth of the Thames Estuary, via Trinity Buoy Wharf, to Tower Bridge. Using historic vessels as instruments that will bring back the historic sounds of the river, the ships’ opera will be conducted, by semaphore, from the top of a lighthouse on top of a ship, involve musicians who’ve worked with artists such as Björk and Oasis playing everything from steam whistles, bells, and horns to hooters, sirens and canon, and culminate in a finale of sound, light and steam.

The first act in the morning takes place on the water from Sea Reach to Trinity Buoy Wharf; the second act, Trinity Buoy Wharf Performance, takes place at Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Place, London E14 0JY, and the third and final act, Tower Bridge Performance, takes place at the Pool of London, Tower Bridge, London SE1 2UP.

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Venue name: Trinity Buoy Wharf
Address: 64 Orchard Place
Transport: Tube: Canning Town; Rail: East India DLR
Event phone: 020 7928 8998
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