The h.Club 100: the winners

We salute the innovators, visionaries and pioneers behind what’s now and what’s next.

London media gurus The Hospital Club and Time Out devised the h.Club 100: a search for the most original and influential people in the UK creative and media industries. Then we asked you to vote – and here are the results: the talent that is shaping the future.

Okay, there are actually not exactly 100 people on this list: Grayson Perry sneaked in twice and we’ve counted some multi-person projects as one entry. That's okay, though. It’s a reminder that this is a snapshot of where UK creativity, in all its messy brilliance, is at right now. It’s been an incredible year for the arts in the UK. In 2012 we fell for ‘Sherlock’ (again), cheered on ‘Matilda’ and cried at Danny Boyle’s Olympics curtain-raiser. From backroom boys to major stars, we salute the innovators, visionaries and pioneers behind what’s now and what’s next.

Is there someone we've missed? Browse the list below then tell us who you think should have made the Top 100 in the comments below.

  • Tracey Neuls 

    shoe designer

    After launching her label in 2000, Canadian-born, Cordwainers-trained designer Neuls won a string of awards and soon gained a celebrity following. Her eccentric hand-crafted shoes with sculpted heels elegantly bridge the gap between design and fashion; and along with shops in Marylebone High Street and Redchurch Street, Neuls boasts a raft of top stockists including Dover Street Market and Anthropologie.

    She is working on her autumn/winter 2013 collection and tinkering with a new rubber mould that allows her to sculpt innovative shapes. ‘I sound like a relic but when I started, I was one of a few shoe “designers” around,’ she says. ‘It used to be a speciality, a craft, a passion. Happily it is still this for me. But in general the market is saturated with “designer shoes” that don’t embody these characteristics. We try to provide footwear that can be worn today and in ten years. The shoes are investments. Our shoes are like pets; reliable, they make you feel good and they love you back. Disposable we are not…’
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  • Sarah Burton


    Alexander McQueen protégée Burton designed Kate Middleton’s knockout lace wedding dress and has been on the ‘most wanted’ list ever since.
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  • Linda Hewson

    head of creative, Selfridges

    Hewson managed the fashion-forward department store’s large-scale, in-store initiatives including the Big British Bang and The Film Project.
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  • Nick Knight

    photographer, ShowStudio

    Knight is a hugely influential fashion and documentary photographer, and web publisher.
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  • Stella McCartney


    In the past year McCartney has dressed everyone from her new mother-in-law Nancy Shevvel (on her wedding day) and the Duchess of Cambridge to Team GB’s athletes. And reclaimed the colour purple in the process.
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  • Sarah McVittie and Donna Kelly 

    co-founders of Dressipi

    Creators of a unique website where users tap in vital statistics and are then shown a selection of clothes chosen to flatter their figures. It’s simple and smart.
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  • Agape Mdumulla & Sam Cotton

    designers at Agi & Sam

    Meeting up as interns at Alexander McQueen, Agi and Sam put the emphasis on witty bespoke printed fabrics. It has led to legions of fans of their eponymous label which they founded this year.
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  • Christopher Raeburn


    A pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement.
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  • Rebekah Roy

    stylist, editor and fashion director

    A cutting-edge fashion stylist for magazines, ad campaigns and celebrities.

  • Charlotte Simpson

    designer and founder of Charlotte Simpson brand

    Having recently established her London-based luxurious Strewomenswear brand, Simpson was announced as one of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch designers for spring/summer 2013.
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