The h.Club 100: the winners

We salute the innovators, visionaries and pioneers behind what’s now and what’s next.

London media gurus The Hospital Club and Time Out devised the h.Club 100: a search for the most original and influential people in the UK creative and media industries. Then we asked you to vote – and here are the results: the talent that is shaping the future.

Okay, there are actually not exactly 100 people on this list: Grayson Perry sneaked in twice and we’ve counted some multi-person projects as one entry. That's okay, though. It’s a reminder that this is a snapshot of where UK creativity, in all its messy brilliance, is at right now. It’s been an incredible year for the arts in the UK. In 2012 we fell for ‘Sherlock’ (again), cheered on ‘Matilda’ and cried at Danny Boyle’s Olympics curtain-raiser. From backroom boys to major stars, we salute the innovators, visionaries and pioneers behind what’s now and what’s next.

Is there someone we've missed? Browse the list below then tell us who you think should have made the Top 100 in the comments below.

  • Grayson Perry


    Perry’s highlights in the last year include ‘The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman’ at the BM and ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ at Victoria Miro Gallery.

  • Johan Andersson


    Andersson’s iconic portrait of Amy Winehouse was displayed at Camden Town tube after she died. His recent show, ‘Stolen Faces’, grabbed more attention as it showcased a selection of portraits of ‘unheard outcasts’.

  • Nick Hackworth


    Hackworth’s Paradise Row Gallery has shown several key exhibitions including ‘Moments of Reprieve: Representing Loss in Contemporary Photography’.

  • Harry Handelsman 

    CEO of Manhattan Loft Corporation

    The man behind the restoration of the gothic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is currently working on the Manhattan Loft Gardens – billed as ‘London’s sexiest new skyscraper’ – on the edge of the Olympic Park.
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  • Thomas Heatherwick


    In 2012 his shiny take on the London doubledecker was only trumped by his utterly beautiful Olympic Cauldron made with sculpted copper petals.

  • David Hockney


    Hockney’s RA exhibition earlier this year demonstrated his ever-evolving skill using new technology to make his work.

  • Inkie

    street artist

    Tom Bingle (aka Inkie) organised ‘See No Evil’: 72 international artists using 13,000 spraycans to paint a whole street in Bristol.
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  • Alison Jackson


    Photographer Jackson continues to entertain, amuse and occasionally shock with her lookalike portraits of the famous and powerful.
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  • Philip Levine


    Famous for displaying himself as a living sculpture at the V&A, Levine is the one-man movement for ‘baldazzling’ – bejewelling his bald head.
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  • Kate Moross


    A graphic artist and art director who combines art, marketing and music. Bringing her expertise to artists including Jessie Ware and TEED, labels, and multi-international brands including Samsung for whom she designed their Olympic Visual Identity System.
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