Things you can't live without

Indispensable everyday objects are celebrated in the Science Museum's exhibition 'Hidden Heroes'

As the Science Museum opens a 'Hidden Heroes' exhibition showcasing a selection of the many unsung inventions that have a subtle, yet important impact on the way we live, Time Out endorses a selection of the museum's 'hidden heroes' and adds a few of its own. What can't you live without? Let us know in the comments below

10. Rawl plugs

© Rob Greig

You've the British Museum to thank for these modest heroes, designed in 1910 by engineer John Joseph Rawlings when required to install electrical fittings with minimum damage.

The lightbulb USB flash drive The clothes peg The dummy Velcro Post-it note The teabag The carabiner The pencil Rawl plug Earplugs The barcode Fish oil capsules Bubble wrap The condom The paper clip The crocodile clip Mosquito-bite zapper

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