Things you can't live without

Indispensable everyday objects are celebrated in the Science Museum's exhibition 'Hidden Heroes'

As the Science Museum opens a 'Hidden Heroes' exhibition showcasing a selection of the many unsung inventions that have a subtle, yet important impact on the way we live, Time Out endorses a selection of the museum's 'hidden heroes' and adds a few of its own. What can't you live without? Let us know in the comments below

9. The pencil

© Rob Greig

Dating from the sixteenth century, the erasable pencil is the writing tool with a get-out clause. It's made of carbon though, not lead, as was once commonly supposed.

The lightbulb USB flash drive The clothes peg The dummy Velcro Post-it note The teabag The carabiner The pencil Rawl plug Earplugs The barcode Fish oil capsules Bubble wrap The condom The paper clip The crocodile clip Mosquito-bite zapper

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