Time Out in Covent Garden: the highlights

Pictures and video from Time Out's week-long Covent Garden pop-up

We were told it wouldn't be that difficult and, in theory, that should have been true. After all, how different can it be putting a magazine together in a pop-up office in Covent Garden rather than our Tottenham Court Road HQ? In our heads, it'd be pretty much the same, albeit with nicer furnishings and the odd lost tourist to deal with.

The problem is, between cooking a three course meal themed around '80s power-pop and boozing with ballet stars, we got a little distracted. In fact, with deadlines whizzing past our ears every hour, we really weren't sure we'd make it at all. But, by the grace of the publishing gods, we did it, and managed to pull off a week-long programme of awesome, free live events and put together a special Covent Garden-themed issue of London's favourite magazine. Didn't make it down for a cup of tea? Here's what you missed.

And finally, a big thanks to all the local companies who kept us fed and watered while we were in Covent Garden, including PAUL Bakery, beauty store Aesop, pizza people Fire and Stone, cupcake bakehouse Cupcake Bakehouse, Pop Chips, burger joint Shake Shack, and luxury lunchbox makers Pip's Dish.