Top tips to get rich quick

Earn extra cash without having to get a proper job or sell your soul (well, almost)

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    Get your kit off

    If you’re brave enough, life modelling can earn you some half-decent money. Life models working in most of London’s reputable art colleges are provided by the Register of Artists’ Models. To get on their books and become a member you must take an audition of sorts, where you go and pose at one of their ‘Bare Facts’ workshops and get assessed on your basic aptitude. They’re held on Wednesday evenings at the Islington Arts Factory. Most pass and then, if you want to join, membership is £30 for the year. It’s not easy work – whatever pose you pick will become uncomfortable eventually and you might well get cold. You must also be prepared not only to be visually scrutinised by a class full of students, but verbally by the tutor pointing out your very personal idiosyncrasies. Life modelling is exempt from sexual discrimination laws, which means that women in London can get lots of work, while older men will find it harder. RAM’s recommended pay is £12 an hour; their ongoing survey finds the London average to be £10.50, £9.50 in the rest of England.

    Go down the pub

    Do you know the postcode of Buckingham Palace? Who won the FA Cup in 1975? Well, why not turn that trivia knowledge into hard cash? Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays offer the most pub-quiz action in London. The most lucrative? The Rose and Crown in Ealing holds a quiz every Sunday with an average kitty of £100, and a bottle of wine for the team with the best name. The Three Hammers in Mill Hill offers a 'Fun Fortune' quiz on Sundays which is free to enter, and a general knowledge one on Tuesdays, which is £1 to enter, with the kitty usually reaching between £30-£50. On Tuesdays, get yourselves down to The Cock and Bottle in Notting Hill, where you can win an average jackpot of between £40-£60 and booze prizes. The Rose and Crown, Church Place, W5 (020 8567 2811) South Ealing tube.
    The Three Hammers, Hammers Lane, NW7 (020 8959 2173) Mill Hill Broadway rail.
    The Cock and Bottle, 17 Needham Rd, W11 (020 7229 1550) Bayswater tube.
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    Sell your hair

    Want to turn that lovely long mane into money? Wigmakers and hairdressers working with extensions currently rely on hard-up eastern European and Chinese girls for real hair, but are always on the hunt for quality (and ethically sourced) tresses closer to home and will pay good money. The criteria? According to Graham Wake of Bloomsbury Wigs: ‘Quality and length are important – it should be at least six inches long and ideally in good condition – and neither permed nor coloured. Thick, straight hair sells best at the moment, but if it is curly don’t straighten it first – we’d rather see hair in its natural state.’ Wake will pay up to £100 for a crop of hair and will cut it off on the spot – don’t worry, it doesn’t mean shearing you to a grade one, but simply snipping off your ponytail.Bloomsbury Wigs, 1 Kings Mews, WC1 (020 7404 6040/

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