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40 Year Old Virgins

Thur Mar 28, 9-10pm, C4

Clive, 45, and Rosie, 29, are virgins, and they’re not happy about it. Rather than getting them together to potentially solve the problem and make the shortest doc in history, this absorbing film takes them to LA to spend a fortnight with two qualified sex surrogates.

He’s been traumatised by a religious youth group that has left him feeling sex outside marriage is wrong; she thinks guys smell a bit weird – ‘a cross between aftershave and ham’. So the scene’s set for something that fans of the recent Helen Hunt film ‘The Sessions’ will be familiar with. In fact, Clive’s 68-year-old surrogate, Cheryl, is the real-life model for Hunt’s character in the film, and takes him in hand (ahem) with an assured gentleness that immediately begins to pay off. Rosie’s having a harder time with sweaty Gary, who she totally isn’t attracted to.

‘Will they pop their cherries?’ is of course the big question, but at least as fascinating and enjoyable is the way the film highlights differences between male and female sexuality, and the journey the pair take towards the hoped-for pay-off – you’re rooting for them all the way. Yolanda Zappaterra