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Black Mirror

Mon Feb 18, 10-11.05pm, C4

Series two, episode two
Nothing is quite what it seems in this latest Charlie Brooker drama. At the very least, it’s a bravura feat of sustained rug pulling. At various points, you’ll feel like you’re watching a shoddy ‘28 Days Later’ knock-off, a heavy-handed treatise on our increasing capacity to observe and be controlled, an experiment in perspective and audience sympathy or something else entirely. Ambitious, even audacious, then.

Lenora Crichlow is superb as terrified, traumatised Victoria, a girl who awakes in distress to find she can remember nothing of her life. When she leaves the house, her day gets worse. Anyone who isn’t physically attacking her is cheerfully filming her plight on their smartphones. But then salvation arrives. Or does it? Saying too much more would spoil the fun. But suffice to say, this is a black mirror indeed.