Tue Jan 29, 9-10pm, C5

Series two, episode one
The ‘Dallas’ revival was one of last year’s less likely TV success stories. But bringing it back looked like a no-brainer to us. Sure, the revived version was daft, but then what did anyone expect? The original always was, and it took great delight in being so. This second series will inevitably exist under a shadow. The mighty Larry Hagman passed away on November 23 and, unlike Bobby Ewing, he ain’t coming back. Expect Hagman’s dastardly JR to feature in the first few episodes, but prepare yourself to bid him farewell at some point. Can the survivors fill the vacuum? Weirdly, it can’t be ruled out. John Ross has been fashioned, seemingly quite consciously, as a JR mini-me. And a couple of new additions – sheltered beauty Emma and troubled relative Drew – look promising. No preview material was available, but this is bound to be fun.