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Sun Feb 24, 9-10pm, Fox

Series seven, episode one
Things you can say in favour of the previous series of ‘Dexter’: an almost identical series ending to that of series five may have been comically formulaic, but at least this time it let his sister see him doing the murderation, thus righting what was little short of a pussy-foooted scriptwriting debacle. Also… nope, that’s it.

If you bothered to plough through series six, presumably this time round you’ll be gripped by a reinvigorated premise (ie the first time they’ve actually bothered to advance the plot’s formula beyond the first series) as the titular serial killer tries to convince Deborah that he slipped and murdered a guy as a little whoopsie. However, for the majority of viewers, this will be too little too late. So consider this three stars for the programme itself, but only two stars for the series’ continued existence.