‘Downton Abbey’ season four: interviews with the cast

We speak to the stars of ‘Downton Abbey’ ahead of the show's fourth series

The most anticipated returning series this side of Baker Street, ‘Downton Abbey’ is back for its fourth season on ITV on Sunday, September 22 at 9pm. And it's all change, with Matthew Crawley six feet under and Mrs O'Brien doing a moonlight flit. We sat down with a few familiar faces – from Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael to Ed Speleers and Lily James – to discuss what the future holds. Guaranteed spoiler-free!

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Michelle Dockery

...on bereavement and ‘a new beginning’ after Dan Stevens

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Elizabeth McGovern

...on working with Paul Giamatti and ‘new blood and new depth’

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Lily James

...on Mick Jagger and ‘living free, wild and young’

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Laura Carmichael

...on Edith’s romantic adventures and having a ‘rebellious moment’

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Allen Leach

...on Catholic guilt and an awkward encounter at passport control

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Ed Speleers

...on going out on the razzle and opening a gay bar

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Cara Theobald

...on cast changes and Ivy’s relationships with Jimmy, Alfred and Daisy

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Rob James-Collier

...on the departure of O’Brien and being ‘a bit pissy to your fellow man’

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Kiri Te Kanawa

...on bagging a role on ‘Downton Abbey’ and getting tongue-tied

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Season four, episode one

  • Rated as: 3/5

As always, almost every character is given some sort of subplot, but the early series’ lightness of touch is still lacking and the plotting remains inordinately laboured and often plain lazy. After all, why have silence when there’s exposition to be spouted?

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