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Michael Bublé’s Day Off

Michael Bublé’s Day Off

Sun Jun 30, 9-10pm, ITV

By Phil Harrison
ITV, you’re having a Bublé! This latest light-entertainment programme blows our tiny minds. Based on the revelation that the Canadian crooner’s favourite film is ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, this documentary follows Bublé during his down time and records the presumably remarkable results.

While we can’t help but suspect that the concept might be more diverting had Bublé’s favourite film been ‘Funny Games’, ‘Irréversible’ or ‘Fitzcarraldo’, we still think this might be fascinating. After all, Bublé’s Wikipedia page reveals that his interests include ice hockey and doing stuff for charity. We’re also promised a visit to his grandpa’s and a trip to McDonald’s with his mates. Tantalising stuff, so it’s intensely disappointing that no preview material was available.

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