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The Day I Got My Sight Back

Tue Oct 8, 10.35-11.35pm, BBC1

Modern medicine is nuts. This film highlights the work of Dr Christopher Liu who performs a bizarre optical surgery technique. This involves inserting a tiny lens into a blind patient’s tooth and then transplanting the tooth into the eye socket. How did anyone even think that might work in the first place?

Still, remarkably, in some instances, it does. This cheering film follows Ian Tibbetts from Telford who went blind before he was able to see the faces of his twin boys. We see the anxiety, the surgery itself and the disappointment at initially underwhelming results. But soon, shapes begin to emerge. And by the end of the film, Tibbetts is reading to his kids. Interspersed with Ian’s story are a few reminiscences from earlier beneficiaries of this barely believable procedure. They’re a powerful reminder to count blessings. Stirring stuff.