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The Murder Workers

Thu May 16, 9-10.35pm, C4

The National Homicide Team sounds like it should be headed by William Petersen, Gary Sinise or, at a push, Trevor Eve. Actually, as Jessie Versluys’s outstanding and extremely powerful documentary reveals, it’s a branch of Victim Support that performs essential work with families bereaved by murder or manslaughter.

There’s emotional support offered, of course, but also assistance with everything from closing bank accounts to arranging funerals. The focus falls on four families and their case workers, each dealing with a series of conflicting emotions and a sense of helplessness in the face of the unimaginable. Versluys is sensitive and discreet, but doesn’t flinch from filming difficult material, whether confessional or confrontational.

Teenager Kallum for instance – who tried in vain to stop his father stabbing his mother – insists filming continues so ‘people know what it’s like’. Versluys is rewarded with some of the rawest television you’ll see this year. ‘Broadchurch’ depicted grief with consummate skill, but even Olivia Colman or Jodie Whitaker would be hard-pressed to match the emotional impact of these real-life stories.


selina mcgrath

Murder workers was a very powerful show, I was distressed & I felt a number of emotions. It was very powerful - so many questions about the whole justice system, it needs to be overhauled & brought in to the 21st century. At the end of the day if you take someones life then you deserve no human rights, you loose them, I bet 99% of the country would agree. I was taken back by the last part of the show - A lady who had lost her son in such tragic circumstances & who has now got some justice for him has now since lost her job, with 'Essex County Council ', due to the company not being able to keep her on due to her stress!! - The poor lady has had the worse new's of her life so of course she will be grieving for sometime, it makes that company sound absolutely appalling.


i would just to say about the women speaking to the family who lost there mother when there farther stabbed her. Is this woman off her head ie when she was talking about when it happend and the older lad was sat there crying and turning away from the women she should have stopped but she kept pushing and pushing so in world you DON,T do that you all ways always wait untill he is ready and it obviously he was not ready. I went through i a loss and untill i was ready and trust me i went completely off the rails. I am good now but it never goes away and don;t think it will ever will so i know what i am going on about. Thanks Mr whittaker