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The Walking Dead

Fri Apr 5, 10-11pm, Fox

Series three, episode 16
So, after two or three episodes of wheel-spinning, it’s come to this. The Prison v Woodbury. Rick v The Governor. Egg from ‘This Life’ v Stephen from ‘State of Play’. It’s a Brits-abroad smackdown, a narrow-eyed growl-off, a knock-down, drag-out, chew-up fight to the death-and-resurrection. Who will win?

Well, we kind of know (the show has a habit of killing off its major characters, but we seriously doubt Rick’s head is on the block). But however it all goes down, it won’t happen in the way we expect or want it to, and odds are someone’s going to get it. Given that they’ve just decided to tie the knot – and knowing how much the show’s producers love to rub our faces in the inevitability of grim and bloody death – the smart money has to be on either Glen or Maggie. After all, the post-apocalyptic wasteland is no place for a honeymoon…