Low End Theory

The Airliner , Lincoln Heights Wednesday May 29 2013 22:00
Low End Theory

Before you even reach the top of the stairs at this gritty, bi-level dive bar, you can feel the bass booming in your belly. The legendary DJ night is a beat-head's dream, with a massive sound system spitting out a wide range of experimental hip hop and beat-driven electronic music (IDM, dubstep, glitch, etc.). The packed-to-the-gills crowd (it's 18+ here, so the throng skews young... and male) doesn't so much dance as surrender to the vibration. Keep your eyes peeled for live performances—everyone from Erykah Badu to Odd Future has graced the unassuming stage.

Venue name: The Airliner
Address: 2419 N Broadway
Los Angeles
Price: $10; $5 for members