Baron Munchhausen

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Before Terry Gilliam had a go at the epic travels of fabled liar Munchhausen, Zeman had a stab in this live-action version shot in tinted b/w with occasional colour inserts. It uses collage and animation techniques that wouldn't look out of place in the work of Méliès (or Gilliam's own Python days, for that matter). Watch the Baron, moon-man and chums gruesomely outnumbered by the Turkish fleet, save the day by creating a smokescreen of the Turks' own pipe tobacco. Curious and fun.

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Cast and crew

Karel Zeman
Karel Zeman, dialogue Josef Kainar, Jirí Brdecka
Milos Kopecky
Jana Brejchova
Rudolf Jelinek
Jan Werich
Rudolf Hrusinsky
Eduard Kohout
Karel Höger
Bohuslav Zahorsky
Nadezda Blazickova