Last Call at the Oasis screening

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Last Call at the Oasis screening
Photograph: Courtesy American Cinematheque Last Call at the Oasis.

Expand your knowledge and righteous indignation at this screening of Participant Media's doc, Last Call at the Oasis (the company also brought us An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for Superman, and Food Inc.). This time around, the focus is on the planet's most valuable resource—water—which is facing all sorts of problems, from running way low to being contaminated with industrial chemicals. Environmental crusader Erin Brockovich makes an appearance to help instruct on possible solutions, and watch out for a cameo by Jack Black, who instills a little humor into the serious topic. After the movie, stick around to learn more at a discussion with Santa Monica's water resources specialist Kimberly O'Cain and CBS 2 chief meteorologist Josh Rubenstein.

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