Sunday Suppers at Bouchon Bistro

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Photo courtesy Bouchon Bistro - Beverly Hills

Spend a Sunday evening this summer with a plate of 10-finger-lickin' roast chicken (don't actually lick your fingers though—this is Beverly Hills). Bouchon Bistro marks the return of its Sunday Suppers—paired with complimentary movie screening—where for $45 a pop, you and your compadres can dig into Chef Thomas Keller's French Roasted Chicken, accompanied by a medley of fresh veggies and greens. A less pricey kids' menu is also available for the ankle-biters in your party; but everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy the myriad of desserts, including beignets, peach melba and fruit crumble. Call early to reserve your table. Plus! For those who enjoy poulet of the Southern persuasion, don't miss Bouchon's famous Fried Chicken Nights every other Monday.

Event phone: 310-271-9910
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