Factory , West Hollywood Friday August 30 2013 0:00

Hype is what you might call a more... glossy affair. Remixes of Top 40 hits rip through Factory's cavernous space, which becomes a wonderland of twinks sipping vodka and Red Bull on Friday nights. From about 11pm on, the dance floor is generally awash with gyrating hips swathed in skinny jeans and swaying arms raised to the sky in full praise of the heavenly hymns of pop’s latest reigning priestesses. Fittingly, chart-topping songstresses like Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Robyn and Ciara have all stopped by to perform a song or two for the faithful at Hype—making Friday the new Sunday for some true pop believers.

Venue name: Factory
Address: 652 N La Peer Dr
Los Angeles

Opening hours: 9pm-2am Wed, 10am-2am Fri, Sat.
Price: Free