Carlos Garaicoa. Orden inconcluso

Carlos Garaicoa
©Andrés Arranz

Carlos Garaicoa (Havana, 1967) is a key figure among Latin American artists of the '90s, and a reference both inside and outside Cuba to understanding the artistic discourse through the internationalisation of Cuban art from the decade, according to the curator of this exhibition, Agustín Pérez Rubio. Since the '90s, Garaicoa has maintained a loyal following interested in his work regarding the social, economic and political changes resulting from the history of the 20th century, which are encoded in the territory of the city as a field of study, with the main focus on architecture and urbanism.

Garaicoa has been living in Madrid for almost nine years, and he has a studio here as well as in Havana. The exhibition Orden Inconcluso (Inconclusive Order) aims to draw a line between different decades of the photographer's work, making a precise selection of works that have the economy and architecture as a common denominator power, as well as power, control and utopia. At the same time, the exhibition offers the possibility of seeing a new series of works done expressly for this project that try and frame as well as delve more deeply into this feeling of the artist by connecting the various political and economic realities that he has had to endure.


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