La fauna del Nilo (Wildlife of the Nile)

Fauna del Nilo

If you're a big fan of history and archaeology, you won't have to leave Madrid to feast your eyes on some new treasures, thanks to the CaixaForum hosting one of the biggest shows this season – all about ancient Egypt.

The exhibition, which aims to immerse visitors in the symbolism of animals in the land of the Pharaohs, consists of 430 objects brought to Spain in collaboration with the Louvre (this is the second time the CaixaForum has worked with the Paris giant, after the Delacroix exhibition), among them a frog-shaped talisman and a monumental sculpture of the Luxor obelisk baboons.

And since museum-goers these days (and especially kids, who will most certainly flock to the exhibition) are an audiovisual bunch, you'll love the video projections and 3D spaces that re-create the mummification process. Get in early, or expect long queues.

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