Pedro Madueño. Journalistic portraits. 1977-2014

Art, Photography
Antoni Tàpies
©Pedro Madueño Antoni Tàpies

Five minutes. That's the maximum amount of time that a photojournalist usually has. The urgency of the moment leaves little room for error when it comes to setting the scene, thinking about the composition and capturing the expression of the subject. Pedro Madueño has become one of photojournalism's best throughout his 35-year-career. This exhibition at the CaixaForum is a look at different themes in Madueño's photographs, via some 50 potraits published in the 'La Vanguardia' newspaper, one of his regular collaborators.

With his camera, Madueño has captured great writers and figures in literature such as Terenci Moix, Juan Goytisolo, Eduardo Mendoza, Quim Monzó, Sergi Pàmies, Salman Rushdie and John Irving, among others, with his unique vision and subtle playing with light and shadows. Madueño has more recently focused on emerging figures in the world of entertainment, politics, art and photography itself, such as surgeon Moisès Broggi, chef Ferran Adrià, film-maker Isabel Coixet, judge Garzón and sculptor Jaume Piensa.


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