Gregory Porter

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Gregory Porter

In line with soul greats such as Marvin Gaye and Isaac Hayes, or contemporaries including D'Angelo, California-born New York resident Gregory Porter has one of the most sophisticated voices out there. With four albums to his name, his third release, 'Liquid Spirit' (2013), revolutionised the jazz scene. His songs are like a cross between soul and R&B, creating an easy-to-love jazz. The Broadway stage – in particular the musical 'Ain't Nothin' but the Blues', which he performed in – and the good fortune he had of recording a debut album like 2010's 'Water', made for the start of a career that has shot to great heights. The vocalist comes to Madrid to show just why he's one of the top modern jazz-soul artists working today, and present his 2016 album, 'Take Me to the Alley'.


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